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December 26, 2018, 12:00 PM

What's your Bible reading plan for 2019?

if you are like most of us, you'll make some well-intentioned plans for the new year. A lot of folks want to shed some weight in 2019. Others would like to learn something new: a skill, hobby, recipes or a second language. These are noble ambitions. But without a clear strategy with specific details, our best plans remain just that: plans - without any progress.

Do you have a Bible reading plan for 2019?

Many Christians want to read their Bible daily and to know it. But without a clear, doable plan, how does one begin and follow through?

I'd like to commend YouVersion for your consideration! YouVersion allows you to select Bible reading plans: short and long ones in your choice of translations: King James, New International Version, New American Standard, English Standard Version, Christian Standard Bible, etc. Do you know other languages? YouVersion offers Bible translations in Spanish, German, French, Creole, Korean, Choctaw, Portugese, Chinese, Swahili . . .

YouVersion offers a variety of different plans for reading through the Bible in a year: daily Old Testament and New Testament readings, straight through from Genesis to Revelation and Chronological, etc. There are also topical, devotional Bible readings on work, marriage, courtship, parenting, leadership, prayer, forgiveness, divorce, addictions and leadership to name a few. 

The benefits of YouVersion is that it allows you to connect with others: friends, family and church members in sharing what you are reading, what the Lord is teaching you, highlighting verses and notes made. Moreover, those connected with you can encourage your Bible reading plan progress; sometimes mutual accountability and support can add fuel to the fire when we sense the flame is dying. 

And one of the best features of YouVersion: you can download it as an app for your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. You can use it wherever you are to keep track of your reading plan, to search and read Scriptures while waiting at the doctor's office, your lunch break . . .

I invite you to check out YouVersion. Sign up. It's free! Find friends, even folks at Coleman Baptist who regularly use YouVersion. Check it out and look at plan descriptions and samples to consider what plans you might want to pursue in 2019.

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